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"It's about helping others dreams come true. We are not commission driven but customer driven"
Home Staging

96 homes SOLD in under ONE WEEK!!

We are first and foremost a "PEOPLE" business

Professional real estate staging is NEW to northern Ohio.  This exciting new concept can directly affect the sale of your home. As a One Day Decorator™ we know what people are looking for and how to add that special wow factor that will separate your home from the competition..

Most people are attached to their home. It is a part of your family. Many people are advised to empty their home and fix all the problems in order to sell their home. The problem is that many homeowners don’t know where to start or have a plan to follow. Many homeowners also do not have the time.

Watch DesAnn as she Stages a home for FOX8!

We offer the following services~

2hr "Walk-through" Staging Consultation. 

 We share with you everything that may need attention. A "plan of Action" will be made in an organized manner making it easier for sellers to implement and stay motivated!

Staging Occupied Homes (usually with clients furnishings)

This service is usually preceeded by the "Walk-through". We will Stage your furnishings in a manner that is a proven method that will have the appearance of more space & value.

Staging Vacant Homes (We carry a vast and updated inventory)

 We will provide the advice of any improvements such as paint color to our full service of providing furnishings, Art, Accessories and other items as needed to help your vacant appear more inviting and creating a "desire" for your home.

Model Home Merchandising

We have a proven track record, let us Stage/Merchandise your Model Home. We are NOT commission driven and will showcase your Models "selling" features without over-designing the space therefore showcasing the actual house.


Staging Occupied Home by DesAnn

Staging Vacant Home
by DesAnn & The Team

Real Estate Investment Rehabs,
Makeovers and Flips
by DesAnn & The Team

Model Home Merchandising
by DesAnn & The Team